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Since 2013, we have facilitated over 4,000 hours of classes and workshops for over 400 girls, publishing over 750 pieces of student writing and four printed anthologies. Most of our students continue to write with us every week and every year until they leave for college. Over time, our writers learn to see themselves as the authors and leaders of their own lives—and that changes everything.


100% feel more supported

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed felt supported or very supported by their teacher and fellow writers.


100% feel more validated

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed felt validated or very validated in their life experiences.


100% feel more resilient

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed felt more or much more resilient, better able to manage stress and other personal challenges.


100%feel more confident

After participating in The Intuitive Writing Project, 100% of students surveyed felt more or much more confident in themselves, both as writers + people.


 >> 10 quotes from Intuitive Writing Project  writers from a recent, anonymous survey << 

  1. "TWIP taught me how important and powerful my voice is and was. It allowed me to find strength in myself."


  2. "Through my time at TIWP I have gained a significant amount of confidence in myself, my abilities, my worth, and in the power of being intuitive/empathetic/unapologetic. I felt a strong sense of community with other young women who felt passionately about writing/world issues, and definitely felt the impact of the “empowerment” aspect of the program. Being a part of such an enthusiastic and safe space was incredible for the soul of a teenager girl!"

  3. "One benefit I have gained is the ability to connect with others with similar experiences and express my thoughts and emotions freely. I have also gained a better understanding for who I am as an individual and what my purpose is through taking these classes."

  4. "TIWP has given me confidence to be me! I was a ball of nerves constantly getting ridiculed for the clothes I wore, the music I listened to, and the hair on my arms when I started TIWP. I soon came to grasp that my stories were not only valid but unique, and that I was doing a disservice to myself by smothering them. I’m still an anxious gal but I never apologize for being the way I am and doing what I love."

  5. "My life is entirely better for having been in the Intuitive Writing Project. In every single regard. I'm more confident, I'm happier about my writing, I'm a better writer—all of which has led me to be able to start working on my career in this field. I'm so grateful."

  6. "The community is just unmatched. I’ve found friends that I’ll definitely have for a long time. And, I feel like my writing has improved partly from just writing so often and wanting to write so often."

  7. "I believe I’ve found my voice as a young woman through writing. I’m more confident and I find myself willing to speak up in large groups of people."

  8. "I love the people and the environment the Intuitive writers and instructors create. Every class is a stress reliever yet I always leave feeling energized."

  9. "It really helped me understand who I was as a person and who I wanted to be like in the world. Especially in middle school when everything was super confusing and there was so much going on it was super supportive to be in a class with all girls and great mentors who allowed me to gain confidence in my own voice and values."

  10. "TIWP taught me that my voice has value. It taught me that my experiences, both beautiful and devastating, deserve to be felt and shared. I learned that writing can be healing, and that sharing words with a community is even more impactful, both for myself and others. I gained a lifelong skill that supports me daily."


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