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Writing for Gen-Z women + gender-expansive adults, ages 18+

Your Heart is a Map:
Write to Find Your Own Answers & Create the Life You Want

In this bi-monthly writing program, the focus is on both creative and professional empowerment, supporting each writer in reflecting upon their interests, values, and strengths along with their their own definition "success" in the design of a truly authentic, fulfilling life. Through the magic of the creative process, writers discover their own wisdom, solve their own problems and find their own answers. This class is for "elder Gen-Z" women, ages 20 and up.

As with all our programs, we use the Amherst Writing Method, a methodology rooted in the belief that everyone is a writer, that all feedback be positive, and that our writing voice will continually grow clearer and stronger, the more it is validated and encouraged.

This class meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month, from 4-5:15pm on Zoom. Cost is $25, paid in advance via Venmo @IntuitiveWritingProject. To register for the next class, contact Elizabeth.

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