Why Girls Need Our Support



— Eve Ensler

It’s not easy being a girl. It’s never been easy. But now it’s much more complicated. Every day, our young women are faced with a thousand conflicting pressures and pulls, all dominated by social media. The average American teenage girl consumes at least 10 hours of media per day, most of which sexualizes and demeans her. Despite our many social advances, we are living in the midst of what MissRepresentation director Jennifer Siebel Newsom calls “a major cultural backlash against women’s progress.” In the midst of our hyper-objectifying culture, teenage girls are uniquely vulnerable. And yet, it is the very sensitivity of girls—their ability to feel things deeply—that also makes them uniquely powerful. Our work at the Intuitive Writing Project is to support girls in realizing their immeasurable power, value, and wisdom.

In just the last few years, the self-esteem of teenage girls has dropped twice as low as it is among boys, while the rates of depression in girls have doubled. According to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, 75% of teenage girls felt “depressed, guilty and shameful” after spending just three minutes leafing through a fashion magazine. 92% of teenage girls hate some aspect of their appearance, 90% of eating disorders occur in teenage girls, and 74% of girls report feeling pressured “to please everyone,” obliged to compromise their personal values in order to be liked. At the Intuitive Writing Project, our goal is to strengthen the inner self, to help girls develop resiliency and self-worth through their own direct, intuitive knowledge.

Part of our program is focused on media literacy, helping girls to think more critically about external influences, developing the social immunity they need to see themselves through their own eyes. We also work to bring awareness to the universal archetypes, patterns, and cycles of The Heroine’s Journey, as described by Maureen Murdock. By understanding the larger patterns of human transformation—the patterns found in every fairytale, novel, TV show and movie—young women will recognize their part in a much larger narrative, becoming the conscious authors and heroines of their own lives.


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