Writing for Boys

Creative Escape & Connection

Creative writing program for 6th-9th grade boys

Middle school brings unique challenges, and our middle school program meets the needs of students in the midst of this formative time. TIWP creates a supportive environment for students to escape into the creative writing process, where they can be playful and find joy in the stories and worlds they create. We also provide a safe space for students to address the challenges they may be facing through the writing process. Teachers encourage and model authenticity, peer support, and self confidence. Each session involves an inspirational reading, a writing prompt, and time to share and receive feedback.


As with all our programs, we use the Amherst Writing Method, a methodology rooted in the belief that everyone is a writer, that all feedback be positive, and that our writing voice will continually grow clearer and stronger, the more it is validated and encouraged.

Instructor:  Melissa Quiter

  • Class size is 4-6. Each class is an hour and half at $70/class. Enrollment occurs quarterly (our schedule is based on the Acalanes District academic calendar) but tuition is pro-rated depending on the day you register. If your child doesn’t absolutely love their first class, we will provide a full refund. We want your child to choose writing purely for the joy of it!

  • For questions or to talk in more depth, contact our Director of Programs, Melissa Quiter.



To learn more, check out our list of 7 Frequently Asked Questions, our Note for Parents, What Teens & Parents Say, and of course our online blog, Pens of the Pandemic, where all our writers get the chance to become published authors. (Our next anthology, Pens of the Pandemic, will be printed this summer.) To schedule a more in-depth conversation about how we can best support your child's unique interests (and what class we'd recommend, if you're just getting started!), contact elizabeth@intuitivewritingproject.org.