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The Self-Trust Revolution


— Carl Jung

The Intuitive Writing Project is just one small part of what has become a global revolution in human consciousness, the collective effort of countless individuals and groups in breaking from old tyrannies—both political and psychological—in order create more balanced, authentic, self-directed lives. In the words of Gloria Steinem (in her book of the same name) this is a Revolution from Within:  personal transformation on a planetary scale.

At the highest level, intuition conveys spiritual truths, helping us to understand who we are, what we need, and why we’re here. In day-to-day life, intuition helps us live with integrity and confidence, enabling us to make more conscious, clear-minded decisions. Our intuition makes us ingenious. The only challenge is learning to trust it. This can be hard only because we’ve been so thoroughly discouraged from trusting ourselves.

At the Intuitive Writing Project, we believe that each person is the expert and authority of their own individual experience. We also believe that—in the places we have been divided from ourselves, shut down or split apart—there are ways of reconnecting, ways of remembering who we really are. We believe that writing is one of the ways.

In this time of tectonic change, intuitive self-trust is the revolution, a revolution in creativity and personal power. At the Intuitive Writing Project, we want to help launch self-trust as a movement, to galvanize all people—of every age and gender—to look within their own hearts and trust their own intuition.

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