Feminine Leadership


— The Dalai Lama

“Know thyself.” Three thousand years ago, these words were inscribed above the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. For the Greeks, self-knowledge was the source of all true wisdom. It is also the foundation of feminine leadership.

The paradigm of feminine leadership is rooted in collaboration, compassion, consensus building, and personal responsibility. Conflict is seen as an opportunity to build stronger connections, a chance to listen more patiently and connect from the heart. Like the symbiosis in all natural ecosystems, this kind of leadership creates a non-hierarchical network that supports the unique contributions and authentic voice of each person. Unlike the philosophies of “scarcity” and “lack,” the feminine paradigm operates from the mindset of abundance and sufficiency. It is “power with” instead of “power over,” “the power of love overcoming the love of power.” The goal is always a shared one, focused on the health, balance, and well-being of all.

When balanced women and men come together to serve the greater good, great things happen. But without this balance, we fall into chaos. Violence, tyranny, poverty, sickness, and ecological destruction have been the result. Right now, all the qualities most needed for the healing of the planet (and ourselves) are the qualities of the feminine. The shift toward a better world has to start with women, women reclaiming their value and wisdom. Today, more than ever, we need women leaders, women who lead as women: empathic and honest, grounded and visionary.

Studies show that the greatest leverage point for social change is the empowerment of women and girls. At the Intuitive Writing Project, we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of visionary female leaders.