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 Our Generous   Sponsors 

Because writing is the great equalizer:

The transformative power of our programs comes from our small class size (middle and high school classes are capped at six), ensuring that every writer receives personalized mentoring and support.

As you can see on our tuition page, tier 1 tuition reflects the true cost of our programs. At the same time, we know that many families will need financial support. That's where YOU come in—to help us close the writing gap and make our programs available to every girl and gender-expansive youth who loves to write and wants to write with us.


Every donation and sponsorship funds partial and full scholarships (tiers 2 + 3) for the writers who need it most.


Thank you for investing in our mission, empowering girls and gender-expansive youth to tell their story and find their voice.

Read the latest article about us by our very own student, Emma Wong.
Double-click this icon to download a PDF of our Partnership Packet (these are the first 6 pages!) where you can read more about our mission and values and how you can support us
as a sponsor.


Soraya Golesorkhi, CNE, SRES, Realtor at Coldwell Banker

Nancy Hindes


Jennifer Pister, LMFT
Presence with Jennifer, Talk & Energy Therapy

Counseling with a focus on mothers and daughters, individually or together       



Linda & Terry Burke


Madeleine Burkhart, LMFT

Inspired Mind Counseling

Counseling for adults, couples, families and teens in Spanish, French and English


Lara Dutto of Lara Architecture


Nadia Yakoob of Nadia Yakoob Law
Full-service immigration law firm


Maureen Brown of reCHIC Boutique

Diane Eames of Genuine Goodness Cafe

Cynthia Leslie-Bole


Sylvia Colucci

Cathy Lambert of Garden Lights Landscape Development 

Janet Moga

Praveen Singh

The Intuitive Writing Project is a 501c3 organization, tax ID number is 46-1946012

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