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What Teens + Parents Say


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"You have done SO much for my daughter’s confidence and self discovery through your appreciation of her writing and encouraging her to speak from her true self and her true voice. Thank you for providing her and all your young writers a safe place to be their real self without judgment. It makes me happy to see her thriving as a writer and connecting with other girls who share a similar gift and experience through you!” —TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“Thank you for being so empowering. My daughter has evolved and eventually found her own voice and has decided to share her personal stories! You helped her uncover them! You have an amazing gift, helping girls reflect within their own hearts and minds and share it through their stories.” — TIWP parent, Orinda

“Once again, I have to share with you how absolutely wonderful your class is for my daughter. In such a short time you have made a profound impact on her. It’s not just the writing topics, but you, personally, she raves about. She says you just “get it”. Sometimes she shares her writing and sometimes not, but the weekly topics have created so many interesting conversations between us at home. Her personal growth is noteworthy. As a parent, it feels gratifying to have made the right decision [in choosing] your program. Thank you.” —TIWP parent, Lamorinda

"I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to the Intuitive Writing Project..." (To read the entire testimonial, visit us at: —TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“The Intuitive Writing Project helped my daughter find her voice and feel confident in herself. I think that’s amazing for a middle schooler! It’s not about punctuation or spelling. It’s about strength of character and creativity… I could go on and on about how much I value Elizabeth and the program.” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

"TIWP it is so uplifting and therapeutic for our girls. Your classes always mean so much to my daughter, and I see the difference in her after every class." — TIWP parents, Lamorinda

"My daughter has really loved her class and has been consistently excited about being there every week, which is a very different experience and all of her other online classes." —TIWP parent, Oakland

“I really appreciate all you have done for [my daughter.] She adores you and I’ve been so impressed how your class and encouragement has helped not only her writing but her confidence in her writing. I can’t thank you enough for that.” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

"I just wanted to send you a personal note with my gratitude.... My daughter had so much uncertainty about the writing class and was so worried about it. But she came home after the first class so excited!! She LOVED how there was no emphasis on perfect writing or grammar or spelling (where she struggles) and that she got to read aloud to the class. She was so excited she wanted to write when she got home! This has literally never happened...I can't tell you how happy I was to see her genuinely interested in writing (which will inadvertently help with reading!) and how much I appreciate the atmosphere you created that this could take place. Thank you, thank you!!" — TIWP Parent, Oakland

“Elizabeth helped my daughter find her voice… And when a 15 year old starts to sing and be able to claim her interior, it’s absolutely magical…If people would only listen to teenage girls—if they could hear them before they’re so silenced!—the world would be a better place.” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“Thank you Elizabeth, for creating something amazing and meaningful for girls. This is such important work. Your dedication to this vision is inspiring.” —TIWP parent, Walnut Creek

“My daughter looks forward to your class all week. You are making a real and huge difference in her life. I really just can’t say enough about it. It’s remarkable how she’s found her voice with you. You have given so much and she is forever changed and expanded.” —TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“My daughter has always been the happiest after a writing session with you. When she’s writing, she feels free. She is free to express, act and think without fear (real or perceived) of judgment from people. I can never express the difference you’ve made in her life. I wish I could find a better word than 'thank you' to say how much appreciation I feel. I will forever be indebted to you.”
—TIWP parent, Lamorinda


“I knew it was going to be momentous the day we first spoke about TIWP and I knew my daughter needed to go. I bribed her to try the first class and as we walked away, I waited. “Well?” I asked. A half a beat later her face beamed and she talked nonstop about how much she loved it. Looking back over the past four years, it’s incredible see how she changed, grew and matured from having you and TIWP as her space. You were her safe haven.” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

"The Intuitive Writing Project is a wonderful program that has given my daughter a safe and trusted environment for expressing herself through writing. I believe it has helped her self-confidence, leadership and individuality as a teenager. I am so grateful for TIWP and the amazing support it has brought to my daughter and to us as a family!" — TIWP parent, Lamorinda


"Just have to tell you, my daughter was in terrible mood when I dropped her off, and I don’t know what kind of magic you did over there but she came home so happy and so excited to share her story! Writing with you never fails to lifts her spirit!" —TIWP parent, Walnut Creek

“Before we found the Intuitive Writing Project, my daughter was struggling with social anxieties. We tried therapy but she didn’t enjoy it and it seemed like she was stuck. Then she started writing in the Intuitive Writing Project, and we saw an immediate change. Within a month, we realized that writing was helping her far more than therapy, because she was getting a chance to interact with her peers in a more positive and supportive way. She was always excited to go to class and always happier and more confident afterwards. The Intuitive Writing Project helped her understand herself and that helped her engage with others. And when it came time to write her personal essays for college, she knew herself so well, the whole process was easy and she wrote something really exceptional, something she couldn’t have written if she hadn’t spent all those years at the Intuitive Writing Project.” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“My daughter joined TIWP when she was a freshman in high school.  Prior to that she had friends who participated in the program and really loved it but she wasn’t interested because she didn’t like writing. That all changed when we went to the Luna Film Festival and were delighted to hear a couple of TIWP students talk about their experience. Not only did they grow to love writing but they also gained confidence and friends.  My daughter is now a senior in high school and still enjoys her weekly TIWP meetings. As a mom, it’s been very so nice to see her gain more confidence which has helped her school work, circle of friends and happiness. I highly recommend TIWP for all girls.” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“TIWP’s supportive, inspiring program (and mentor extraordinare) has encouraged and developed my daughter’s passionate writing voice while supporting her journey through the challenges of adolescence. Should all young women find a creative, compassionate haven like TIWP.”  — TIWP parent, Lamorinda


“I’m so happy we found TIWP.  It has given my daughter an outlet to enjoy writing again, following some disappointing English classes at school. It’s more than just “writing,” though... she always leaves TIWP lighter in spirit and happier with herself. We are on our fourth registration now and consider it invaluable. TIWP is something special!” — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

“The Intuitive Writing Project is a place where girls can talk, share, be safe, and express themselves, and in the process learn to be better writers. I have seen first-hand how transformative these classes can be for middle-school and high-school girls. Girls go into their first class scared and awkward. Months later they are speaking and writing with confidence, both in themselves and their power to express themselves and be heard. Powerful stuff!”
— TIWP parent,

"I really do not have the words to express what a beautiful day you created for everyone at the book launch. It was perfection, a day filled with love, support and warmth... It was very emotional for me to see [my daughter] read. I remember the first day I bought her to class and she didn’t want to get out of the car to come in. But once she met you, she felt safe, and she has be excited about class ever since. Her standing up today to read her writing was because of you! You have made such a difference in her life and, of course, mine. Thank you for all your love and caring! My heart is filled with gratitude!" — TIWP parent, San Ramon

“My son has shared with me that he enjoyed the class and feels he is becoming a stronger writer. Thank you so much for your instruction, and the creation of this encouraging and bonding course.  These are difficult times and the class is doubly important to us for that reason.”  — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

"Thanks for helping our daughter blossom as writer over these last years and providing an opportunity to see her words in print.  But more important, thanks for providing support, guidance, and friendship during her watershed teen years - the positive impact of her IWP experience cannot be overstated and she leaves a much more confident and self-aware young woman."  — TIWP parent, Lamorinda

"The time my daughter spends with you and her peers on Saturday morning is the highlight of her week." — TIWP parent, Oakland

"Thank you for all of the opportunities you have provided my daughter. She is now a more confident writer and a more confident person because of your guidance!" — TIWP parent, Boston

"We were just discussing what an enormous impact you and The Intuitive Writing Project have had [on our daughter]. She has really benefited from your instruction, support, encouragement, and mentoring... I tout TIWP program every chance I get and will always be grateful for the opportunities you provided for [my daughter] to grow in writing ability and confidence, and as a person."— TIWP parent, Orinda

“You are such a blessing to so, so many young girls who struggle with the challenges of these difficult, self doubting, teenage years.  I hope and pray more girls will find you and sign up for your programs so they can learn about themselves and learn to trust themselves through writing.”  — TIWP parent, Lamorinda


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“I would 100% recommend The Intuitive Writing Project to literally anyone who walks this Earth. It’s the best thing ever, even for people who don’t consider themselves writers or poets. TIWP played a huge role in helping me understand myself and the world around me as a teenager and I am eternally grateful for this org." — TIWP graduate, age 18

"Being a teenage girl is hard, but at a time when there is so much criticism in our lives the Intuitive Writing Project is a safe haven: a place where everyone is listened to and celebrated for being exactly who they are." —TIWP student, age 17

"Now I am 200% more confident about who I am. I feel more more powerful and in touch with myself. This class has helped me find myself. It's also alleviated my teenage angst by providing a level of love and friendship I have never experienced before.” —TIWP student, age 15


"The Intuitive Writing Project is writing but it’s so much more than that. There’s an empowering aspect to it, and you’re sharing your writing with other girls which leads to more confidence in yourself. Also, talking with people your age who share the same interests inspires so much creativity. And knowing people who understand you is so therapeutic."
— TIWP student, age 17


“The Intuitive Writing Project has affected me in such an amazing way and has helped me on so many levels. I’ve really learned to be true to myself and to know my worth. As a teenage girl, things can be pretty tough and confusing sometimes, but this program has taught me how to find clarity through writing. Now I feel more empowered as a girl and as a person. I know I will carry what I’ve learned with me throughout my life.” —TIWP student, age 17

“It’s the best part of my week! I love being able to share my thoughts and feelings with no judgment, and I love expanding my knowledge. I feel more validated as a person and very secure with myself.” —TIWP student, age 14

“This program has made me so much more confident and optimistic.” — TIWP student, age 14

“The prompts and lessons were amazing and I learned so much about myself. I loved being able to express myself with total comfort and I just loved the whole experience.”
—TIWP student, age 14

“I liked how openly we could discuss our thoughts, feelings and opinions in a safe, accepting place…It was pretty therapeutic.” —TIWP student, age 15

“This experience really helped me grow as a person. I feel more confident of myself and my writing now.”
—TIWP student, age 15


“I have been working with Elizabeth for a few months now and she is an incredible teacher who is respectful and understanding. She has helped me develop my voice so much over such a short time.”  —TIWP student, age 14

“Everything about TIWP is fantastic! It gave me a space to write my truth on paper and discover strengths I never even knew existed.” —TIWP student, age 15

“TIWP is a place to pour out my emotions and have them validated and make them make sense and I love it. It's my safe place.” —TIWP student, age 15

“My English teacher was impressed by my insights when we analyzed poetry. She asked me how I knew to think like this, and I told her I learned it from my teacher at The Intuitive Writing Project." — TIWP student, age 13

“This program gives us the courage to express ourselves and our ideas in ways we never thought possible. I wish every girl could have this experience.” —TIWP student, age 15

“I was pretty unconfident the first twelve years of my life. I had no idea I could be beautiful for who I was… but Elizabeth showed me that. I would have been a completely different person than I am if it weren’t for her. But the most atom splitting, volcanic, explosive thing she has ever done for me and for all the girls in the Intuitive Writing Project is to give us a voice.” —TIWP student, age 16

“No matter how many times I will put a pen to paper in my life, I don’t think I will ever be able to express my utter gratefulness and deep love for what you have given me. In all honesty, the Intuitive Writing Project saved my life. I began freshman year as a little girl who flustered every time someone tried to speak to me, who spent nights paralyzed by what felt like unconquerable anxiety, and who thought what I had to say didn’t matter in the slightest. But then came the day when I walked through those pink plastered doors and into that room lit by fairy lights and hope, and then everything just changed. You, Elizabeth, were the first person to ever call me a writer. And since you gave me that gift, I no longer feel lost. Now I know I have a voice. Now I can face my future with bravery and the light to make sure that--no matter what--my truth is heard.” —TIWP Graduate, age 18


 >> 10 quotes from Intuitive Writing Project  writers from a recent, anonymous survey << 

  1. "TWIP taught me how important and powerful my voice is and was. It allowed me to find strength in myself."


  2. "Through my time at TIWP I have gained a significant amount of confidence in myself, my abilities, my worth, and in the power of being intuitive/empathetic/unapologetic. I felt a strong sense of community with other young women who felt passionately about writing/world issues, and definitely felt the impact of the “empowerment” aspect of the program. Being a part of such an enthusiastic and safe space was incredible for the soul of a teenager girl!"

  3. "One benefit I have gained is the ability to connect with others with similar experiences and express my thoughts and emotions freely. I have also gained a better understanding for who I am as an individual and what my purpose is through taking these classes."

  4. "TIWP has given me confidence to be me! I was a ball of nerves constantly getting ridiculed for the clothes I wore, the music I listened to, and the hair on my arms when I started TIWP. I soon came to grasp that my stories were not only valid but unique, and that I was doing a disservice to myself by smothering them. I’m still an anxious gal but I never apologize for being the way I am and doing what I love."

  5. "My life is entirely better for having been in the Intuitive Writing Project. In every single regard. I'm more confident, I'm happier about my writing, I'm a better writer—all of which has led me to be able to start working on my career in this field. I'm so grateful."

  6. "The community is just unmatched. I’ve found friends that I’ll definitely have for a long time. And, I feel like my writing has improved partly from just writing so often and wanting to write so often."

  7. "I believe I’ve found my voice as a young woman through writing. I’m more confident and I find myself willing to speak up in large groups of people."

  8. "I love the people and the environment the Intuitive writers and instructors create. Every class is a stress reliever yet I always leave feeling energized."

  9. "It really helped me understand who I was as a person and who I wanted to be like in the world. Especially in middle school when everything was super confusing and there was so much going on it was super supportive to be in a class with all girls and great mentors who allowed me to gain confidence in my own voice and values."

  10. "TIWP taught me that my voice has value. It taught me that my experiences, both beautiful and devastating, deserve to be felt and shared. I learned that writing can be healing, and that sharing words with a community is even more impactful, both for myself and others. I gained a lifelong skill that supports me daily."


    “The Intuitive Writing Project hasn’t just empowered me, it has empowered all the people I know and connect with… The process of developing and strengthening compassion, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence in our classes influences my understanding and relationship with the universe, with others, and with myself. My actions and energy change how the people I connect with perceive their world and relationships. Those same people will carry that impact, and go on to affect others around them. It’s a domino effect—a chain reaction of light and empowerment that slowly changes the world.” —J.L., TIWP class of 2020, USC Class of 2023

    "I miss TIWP so much and can now confidently say, as a college student, that this program has prepared me much more than actual school for my college-level writing classes (to nobody’s surprise)." — R.K. TIWP class of 2023, University of Michigan class of 2027


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