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Writing as a Creative Antidote to the Mental Health Crisis


To read this post, "The Power of Girls* Writing Together:  *Supporting the Social, Emotional and Mental Health of Girls and Gender-Expansive Youth," by Elizabeth Perlman, Founder & Executive Director, go here.

  1. In a surface-focused culture, we offer girls the time and space they need to look within and have their stories heard, valued and validated.

  2. Whereas the larger culture prioritizes achievement and fosters insecurity, we prioritize authenticity and cultivate confidence.

  3. Whereas most academic environments are based in criticism and competition, we offer a culture of unconditional and mutual support.

  4. Whereas girls are conditioned to focus on appearances, we focus on creativity and introspection.

  5. Whereas most girls expect to be judged and ranked, we insist that everyone is equally respected and celebrated.

  6. Whereas girls are often expected to override or ignore their feelings, we offer them a safe, structured space to process them.

  7. Whereas social media masks the underlying epidemic of loneliness and isolation, we offer girls the experience of real community and collective support.

  8. Whereas most girls struggle to know who they are, we support each girl in finding her voice.

  9. Whereas there are feelings of overwhelm and despair about the state of the world, writing fosters emotional resilience, activism and leadership.

  10. Whereas many girls feel like they don’t matter, writing your story and having it validated by a supportive community empowers every girl to know how much she matters and how much her voice is needed.

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