Writing for Women*

Bouquet of Peonies

Declare What You Know To Be True

Writing for connection and catharsis

This writing program offers creative community for women who enjoy writing or just need the time and space to purge. It is a time for self-care and self-reflection, time to clarify our needs and find our own answers. We are here to provide women with a safe space to speak their truth and tell their story.

As with all our programs, we use the Amherst Writing Method, a methodology rooted in the belief that everyone is a writer, that all feedback be positive, and that our writing voice will continually grow clearer and stronger, the more it is validated and encouraged.

We usually meet every other Thursday from 7-9PM PST. To learn more, contact Elizabeth.

  • 2 hours per class at $40-90/class (sliding scale for women with all proceeds supporting our teen programs)

  • We ask that you commit to/pay for one month (2 weeks) at a time

  • All classes will continue to be held on Zoom—but if you don’t love the first class, we will provide a refund for the other class

    *Women includes all those who identify with the female experience