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10 life-changing ways that creative writing has been scientifically-proven to empower young people* 

*according to the vitally important + revolutionary book, Your Brain on Art

1. According to Your Brain On Art, a regular practice of creative writing has been shown to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and alleviate depression.

2. It also improves the capacity to stay focused and calm.

3. Creative writing improves emotional intelligence and emotional resilience.

4. It enhances cognitive abilities and executive function.

5. It improves academic performance.

6. It results in higher test scores on the SAT and all literacy-based testing.

7. It improves self-awareness and decision-making skills.

8. It improves social intelligence and communication skills.

9. It provides a feeling of mattering that fosters intrinsic self-confidence.

10. And as every Intuitive Writing Project teacher, student and parent has experienced, writing empowers young people to find their voice and believe in themselves, both as writers and as leaders.


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