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Human-Robot Friendship

The Intuitive Writing Perspective on AI vs. Girl-Generated* Writing

*The word "girl" is meant to include gender-expansive youth which includes trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any girl-identified youth.

"Writing is a quintessentially human endeavor, shaped by experience, deep knowledge, an awareness of the audience, and a genuine desire to communicate... It’s more than just assembling facts and stringing them together in a grammatically acceptable manner."
— Jodi Amendola

At The Intuitive Writing Project, we write for catharsis, for empowerment and for fun. We are here to offer girls the time and space they need to go inward, to draw strength and inspiration from within. While we certainly respect the functionality of AI as a practical tool, we also know that it can never replace the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience of writing and speaking your truth.

The more girls enjoy writing, the more they write, and the more they write, the more their writing surpasses anything AI can generate. But the most important aspect of our writing program is not the quality of the writing (although the quality is always very high) but the experience of articulating your own truths, finding your own voice and learning to believe in yourself.


Living in such an externally-focused world, this is a big part of what makes our programs unique, the way in which we support the intrinsic confidence of girls. In fact, we believe that inner-strength-building is the single most important antidote to the current mental health crisis affecting girls. Whereas most girls (and women and all people, really) have been conditioned to look for answers "out there," all spiritual teachings guide us back to the greater truth, that the wisdom and peace we seek is always inside of us. It is through writing that we connect to "that still, quiet voice within"—and through writing that we find our own answers.

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