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know to be true.

Declare what you

Empowerment through Writing for Girls + Gender-Expansive Youth

The Intuitive Writing Project



The Intuitive Writing Project is a writing-based empowerment program for girls and gender-expansive* youth, ages 8-18. (*Gender-expansive includes cis girls, trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any girl-identified youth. All are welcome!) We use writing as a tool for building confidence and supporting the social, emotional, and mental health of young people. As girls write their stories and speak their truth, they discover who they are, who they want to become, and how to advocate for themselves and others—as the authors of their own lives. Our mission is to support young women in finding their voice, owning their strengths and speaking up as leaders, world-builders and change-makers.

Our Impact


felt supported

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed say they felt supported or very supported by their teacher + fellow writers.


felt resilient

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed say they felt more or much more resilient in managing stress + other challenges.


felt validated

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed say they felt validated or very validated in their experiences.


felt confident

After participating in TIWP,
100% of students surveyed felt
more or much more confident in themselves, both as writers and people.

We believe in...
the power of telling your story. We believe that everyone has their own intuitive wisdom—and that we access it when we write. We believe in the strength of community, the catharsis of writing, and the magic that happens when we all write together. We believe that writing is both the way in and the way through, that when we write we discover who we are, what we need and how we want to live. We believe in confidence-building from the inside out, affirming the brilliance and power of each person, as a unique individual. We believe that writing cultivates self-knowledge which cultivates self-esteem which is the foundation of all true happiness and success. We believe confident young people become the leaders and change-makers our world needs most. We envision a world in which everyone has the confidence to direct their own life—to realize their value, trust their voice and declare what they know to be true.

About Us

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Full schedule of programs for
Fall 2023

Grade School GIRLS

Creative writing for 3rd-5th grade girls

Middle School GIRLS

Creative writing for middle school girls

High School Girls:


Fiction writing for high school girls

What We Offer

High School Girls: NONFICTION

Self-reflective writing programs for high school girls

Middle and High School


Fiction and nonfiction writing programs

for teenage boys

College Essay Support:

Individualized and group essay-writing support for high schoolers


Ongoing writing + creative support and community for women, 21 to 121!

What Teens & Parents Say




— Leonard Bosman

"You have done SO much for my daughter’s confidence and self discovery through your appreciation of her writing and encouraging her to speak from her true self and her true voice. Thank you for providing her and all your young writers a safe place to be their real self without judgment. It makes me happy to see her thriving as a writer and connecting with other girls who share a similar gift and experience through you!” —TIWP parent, Orinda

“Now I am 200% more confident about who I am. I feel more more powerful and in touch with myself. This class helped me find myself, and alleviate my teenage angst by providing a level of love and friendship I have never experienced before.” —TIWP student, age 15

“The Intuitive Writing Project has affected me in such an amazing way and has helped me on so many levels. I’ve really learned to be true to myself and to know my worth. As a teenage girl, things can be pretty tough and confusing sometimes, but this program has taught me how to find clarity through writing. Now I feel more empowered as a girl and as a person. I know I will carry what I’ve learned with me throughout my life.” —TIWP student, age 17

“Once again, I have to share with you how absolutely wonderful your class is for my daughter. In such a short time you have made a profound impact on her. It’s not just the writing topics, but you, personally, she raves about. She says you just “get it”. Sometimes she shares her writing and sometimes not, but the weekly topics have created so many interesting conversations between us at home. Her personal growth is noteworthy. As a parent, it feels gratifying to have made the right decision [in choosing] your program. Thank you.” —TIWP parent, Orinda

“It’s the best part of my week! I love being able to share my thoughts and feelings with no judgment, and I love expanding my knowledge…I feel more validated as a person and very secure with myself.” —TIWP student, age 14


Why Us

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Our Leadership Team


At the Intuitive Writing Project, we strive to walk our talk. Our organization is run on the principles of feminine leadership, always acknowledging and appreciating the unique wisdom, power and talents of each individual.

You can read about our fabulous teachers, our amazing Youth Advisory Team and our brilliant Board of Directors here.

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