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know to be true.

Declare what you

Empowerment through Writing for Girls + Gender-Expansive Youth
About Us

The Intuitive Writing Project is a writing-based empowerment program for girls and gender-expansive* youth, ages 8-18. We use writing as a tool for building confidence and supporting the social, emotional and mental health of young women. As girls write their stories and speak their truth, they discover who they are, who they want to become, and how to advocate for themselves and others—as the authors of their own lives. We are dedicated to elevating the wisdom of young women, to support girls in finding their voice and speaking up as leaders, world-builders and change-makers.

*The word "girl" is meant to include gender-expansive youth, which includes trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any female-identifying youth. Everyone who wants to write with us is welcome!



Since 2013, we have facilitated over 4,000 hours of classes and workshops for over 500 girls, publishing over 1,000 pieces of student writing and five printed anthologies. Most of our students continue to write with us every week and every year until they leave for college. Over time, our writers learn to see themselves as the authors and leaders of their own lives—and that changes everything.

100% feel more supported

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed felt supported or very supported by their teacher and fellow writers.

100% feel more validated

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed felt validated or very validated in their life experiences.

100% feel more resilient

100% of Intuitive Writing Project students surveyed felt more or much more resilient, better able to manage stress and other personal challenges.

100%feel more confident

After participating in The Intuitive Writing Project, 100% of students surveyed felt more or much more confident in themselves, both as writers + people.

All Programs

Full schedule of programs for
spring + summer

Grade School

Creative writing for 3rd-5th grade girls

Middle School

Creative writing for middle school girls

High School

Fiction writing for high school girls

What We Offer


Self-reflective writing programs for high school girls


Journalism programs for 7th -12th grade girls

College Essay Support

Individualized and group essay-writing support for high schoolers


Ongoing writing + creative support and community for women of all ages

3 Big Ways
The Intuitive Writing Project Supports
Academic + Life Success

Pink Petals
  1. Creative writing cultivates social and emotional intelligence, creative problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, effective communication skills and, of course, exceptional writing skills.

  2. The discovery of one’s authentic voice builds confidence in one's self, both as a writer and a leader. Having a clear sense of your own strengths and how to communicate your story sets you apart in college essays, job applications and virtually everything you do in life. 

  3. According to the book Your Brain On Art, a regular practice of creative writing has been shown to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, improve the capacity to stay focused and calmenhance cognitive abilities and executive function, and improve academic and job performance. 

3 Big Ways
The Intuitive Writing Project Supports
Social, Emotional + Mental Health

Image by Kari Shea
  1. Writing cultivates self-awareness, self-compassion, emotional resilience and a sense of one's unique strengths, passions and purpose.

  2. A culture of unconditional and mutual support builds a judgment-free female community—the antidote to social media culture—which fosters the inner strength to stand up for what you believe in.

  3. A focus on the inner life of each writer supports girls in knowing that who they really are matters, that their voices are powerful and need to be heard.

Image by @Karishea

We believe in the power of telling your story.
We believe that everyone has their own intuitive wisdom—and that we access it when we write. We believe in the strength of community, the catharsis of writing, and the magic that happens when we all write together. We believe that writing is both the way in and the way through, that when we write we discover who we are, what we need and how we want to live. We believe in confidence-building from the inside out, affirming the brilliance and power of each young woman, as a unique individual. We believe that writing cultivates self-knowledge which cultivates self-esteem which is the foundation of all true happiness and success. We believe confident young women become the leaders and change-makers our world needs most. 
We envision a world in which every girl has the confidence to direct their own life—to realize their value, trust their voice and declare what they know to be true.

Image by @kenrickmills

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