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At the Intuitive Writing Project, we lead writing-based empowerment programs for teenage girls, supporting each girl in finding her voice and knowing its value, creating a space where every girl can shine. We believe in the revolutionary power of speaking your truth. We believe that this kind of girl-focused writing community is the antidote to all the cultural and social pressures currently bombarding our girls. Most of all, we believe in providing a safe space for girls to tell their story, discover their strengths, and realize their capacity as leaders.

Whether you’re preparing for the college application process or life in general, the secret is the same. As the Greeks once inscribed over the Temple of Delphi, “Know yourself.” As girls write, they develop self-knowledge—a deep-rooted understanding of what they think, feel, and need, their unique values, interests, talents, strengths and aspirations. Self-knowledge is the foundation girls need to assert their voice and remain resilient, to rise up as leaders—and to keep rising.

We use writing as the way in, as a creative tool for self-inquiry, social-emotional development, and personal growth. The more girls write, the more they discover who they are, what makes them exceptional, and how they want to use their voice as leaders, to speak up and change the world.

When girls come together to tell their stories, it changes the story of the world. Together we can change the world—one girl, one voice, one story at a time.

“I love everything about it…It is the best night of my week, every week. Nothing even comes close to the amazing feeling of getting in touch with your intuition and learning how powerful you really are. It’s an amazing experience, and I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” —TIWP student, age 15

To explore some of our student writing on The Intuitive Voice or purchase one of our anthologies, visit our Published Writing page.



On-site programs for elementary and middle school girls

The Art of Storytelling

Creative writing for  middle school girls

Fiction Meets


Current events and creative writing for 8th + 9th graders

The Heroine's Journey

Fiction writing for high school girls

Intuitive Leadership

Personal and leadership development program for high school girls

College Essay


Individualized essay-writing support for high school students

Writing for


Ongoing writing + creative support for women


What Girls & Parents Say




— Leonard Bosman

"You have done SO much for my daughter’s confidence and self discovery through your appreciation of her writing and encouraging her to speak from her true self and her true voice. Thank you for providing her and all your young writers a safe place to be their real self without judgment. It makes me happy to see her thriving as a writer and connecting with other girls who share a similar gift and experience through you!” —TIWP parent, Orinda

“Now I am 200% more confident about who I am. I feel more more powerful and in touch with myself. This class helped me find myself, and alleviate my teenage angst by providing a level of love and friendship I have never experienced before.” —TIWP student, age 15

“The Intuitive Writing Project has affected me in such an amazing way and has helped me on so many levels. I’ve really learned to be true to myself and to know my worth. As a teenage girl, things can be pretty tough and confusing sometimes, but this program has taught me how to find clarity through writing. Now I feel more empowered as a girl and as a person. I know I will carry what I’ve learned with me throughout my life.” —TIWP student, age 17

“Once again, I have to share with you how absolutely wonderful your class is for my daughter. In such a short time you have made a profound impact on her. It’s not just the writing topics, but you, personally, she raves about. She says you just “get it”. Sometimes she shares her writing and sometimes not, but the weekly topics have created so many interesting conversations between us at home. Her personal growth is noteworthy. As a parent, it feels gratifying to have made the right decision [in choosing] your program. Thank you.” —TIWP parent, Orinda

“It’s the best part of my week! I love being able to share my thoughts and feelings with no judgment, and I love expanding my knowledge…I feel more validated as a person and very secure with myself.” —TIWP student, age 14



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At the Intuitive Writing Project, we strive to walk our talk. Our organization is run on the principles of feminine leadership, always acknowledging and appreciating the immense wisdom, power and talents of each individual.

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Secretary of the Board: Dina Varellas



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